Hundreds of new LEGO sets added from store purchase

Posted by Dan Gauvreau on

A U-Haul truck full of new LEGO

With the pandemic really skyrocketing LEGO popularity over the last two years, new sets have been hard to come by. So when another Bricklink store went up for sale in Fergus we decided to buy their whole inventory. As a result we have just added hundreds of new sets to our store.

Now that we've gone through the sets, the next job is uploading the new minifigures, gear and parts. We have basically doubled the size of our store. We're really excited to bring all this LEGO to our community. Once we get all the new inventory online and consolidated with our own we have more exciting plans for you. 

  • Garage Sales: We're hoping to bring you another garage sale on May 29th and every month this spring, summer and fall.
  • Giveaways: Another great LEGO giveaway is in the works and this time it will be much bigger!
  • Redesign: We have so much LEGO, sometimes it's hard to sort through all of it, so we are working on a website redesign that will make it easier to find everything.

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