Thanks, Parts and Holidays

Thanks, Parts and Holidays

Thank you to all who came out to our last LEGO Garage Sale. It was our best event ever! Now that restrictions are easing we are planning on having a garage sale once a month. The next one is planned for Sunday, August 1. See you there!

This week we added minifig parts to the site! Now you can find anything from heads to legs or weapons to utensils. We have hundreds of new parts to choose from. You can build your own custom minifig or buy enough blasters to outfit the rebellion. You can get to the parts page, which includes animals, by clicking on "Parts" in the top menu, or just click here.

Finally, we are closing the shop for two weeks for a bit of a rest, so if you have any orders you want to get in, do that before this Friday. We'll be back open Monday, July 27.

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