Enter to Win a LEGO Optimus Prime 10302

Win a LEGO Optimus Prime ($220 Value)

Win a LEGO Optimus Prime ($220 Value)


  • This looks awesome it would look so cool in the Lego room

    Brandon on

  • Autobot JAZZ

    Patrick on

  • I love Bumblebee but me and my son who loves Legos enjoy the franchise and we buy the DVDโ€™s when they come out..He has many Lego design in his gameroom but no Optimus Prime..

    Gerry Byram on

  • Gimme da leggoooo

    Ayla on

  • Grimlock

    Mike on

  • I need to win this

    William Beyers on

  • Jazz

    Jakob MacKenzie on

  • Optimus Prime

    Andrew Zidichouski on

  • Optimus Prime

    Jason on

  • Optimus prime is hands down the best on ever

    Charlotte Grimshaw on

  • Absolutely Optimus Prime

    Les Grimshaw on

  • Definitely Optimus Prime!

    Adam on

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