Space Star Hawk II 1789


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1789 Star Hawk II is a Unitron set released in 1995. It has A cockpit pod that can be attached to other Unitron vehicles. This is one of only four Unitron Sets released.

The Star Hawk II (oddly named because there is no Star Hawk I), is one of the smaller Unitron sets, even though it is a large set for its time. It is roughly circular in shape, with a large turbo-thruster in back. It has multiple lasers, two of them able to rotate up and down. They can be hidden by two compartements. It has four smaller thrusters on the bottom. The cockpit is in the middle of the ship, and can be removed. The Star Hawk II can stand in an upright position.

To defend themselves from Spyrius, Unitron astronauts pilot spaceships filled with weapons.

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