Bionicle Gahlok 8562

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Unlock the mysteries of Bohrok with Bionicle Gahlok 8562! This tricky opponent never attacks the same way twice, so you'll get a new challenge every time you play. Master the art of taming waves, and control the water with your Gahlok! And when you finally do, you can take off their krana and have the means to really make a splash!

Defeat your enemies with Gahlok! Push the button in Gahlok's back for a powerful head-snap attack, and watch as its Krana shoots forward for extra power. When you're done fighting, use the included piece to curl Gahlok up into a ball and hang it from the lid of its cell-looking canister. Plus, you get an orange rubber Krana for added awesomeness!

Theme: Bionicle
Item No: 8562
Released: 2002
Age: 7+
Pieces: 40

UPC: 673419015585 673419015585

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