Bionicle Lehvak 8564

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This LEGO Lehvak 8564 Bionicle is unmatched in combat! Brace yourself for its crushing shields and dissolving spray, and see if you can outsmart these clever creatures from Mata Nui. Trying to take it down without its krana? Good luck with that! Make this unique Bionicle your next challenger!

Lehvak is your trusty sidekick to take on any mission! Fight your enemies by pushing its back button - its head will snap forward to attack! Want to store it away? No problem, Lehvak can curl up into a ball and be held by the included piece. Unleash the power of an individual Bohrok cell with a randomly chosen red rubber Krana! Ready for action? Let's go!

Theme: Bionicle
Item No: 8564
Released: 2002
Age: 7+
Pieces: 40

UPC: 673419015608

Condition Chart

Set Condition Description
New, Sealed

Factory Sealed, Never Been Opened

New, Complete

Open Box with contents verified complete in brand new condition with factory sealed bags.

New, Incomplete Sealed, or unsealed new contents but with missing pieces that will be indicated
Used, Complete

Set is in excellent used condition with box and instructions unless otherwise indicated.

Used, Incomplete

Set is in excellent used condition but missing pieces and those pieces will be indicated.

Minifig Condition


New Removed from original packaging built and displayed in store.
New, Never Assembled Removed from original packaging and stored as parts.
Used Minifig in excellent used condition pull from used sets.