Bionicle Kohrak 8565

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The Bionicle Kohrak 8565 is the chillest Bohrok around! With its ice-defying shield and cryo-blasts, it's ready to freeze Mata Nui over (*wink, wink*) and create a new Ice Age. Don't even think about getting in its way - you'll turn into a popsicle in no time!

Startle your enemies with a surprise attack! Kohrak is ready - just press a button on its back and watch its head shoot forward for maximum damage! And when the fight is over, curl it up into a ball and hang it up in its canister, the perfect place for a Bohrok to catch some Zs. Comes with a randomly chosen medium rubber Krana for added style. Time to get into battle mode!

Theme: Bionicle
Item No: 8565
Released: 2002
Age: 7+
Pieces: 40

UPC: 673419015615
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Condition Chart

New, Sealed

Factory Sealed, Never Been Opened

New, Complete

Open Box with contents verified complete in brand new condition with factory sealed bags.

New, Incomplete Sealed, or unsealed new contents but with missing pieces that will be indicated
Used, Complete

Set is in excellent used condition and re-bagged according to the instructions. Includes box and instructions unless otherwise indicated.

Used, Incomplete

Set is in excellent used condition but missing pieces and those pieces will be indicated.



New Removed from original packaging and stored or built and displayed in store only.
New, Never Assembled Removed from original packaging and stored as parts.
Used Minifig in excellent used condition pulled from used sets. No cracks or noticible scratches unless otherwise indicated.