Bionicle Toa Vakama 8601

Type: Sets
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Protect the city of Metru Nui with Vakama, the Toa of Fire. Equipped with a disk launcher and Great Mask of Concealment, this fierce leader of the Toa Metru defends against threats. With his insightful visions, he guides the Toa on daring adventures.

Condition Chart

Set Condition Description
New, Sealed

Factory Sealed, Never Been Opened

New, Complete

Open Box with contents verified complete in brand new condition with factory sealed bags.

New, Incomplete Sealed, or unsealed new contents but with missing pieces that will be indicated
Used, Complete

Set is in excellent used condition with box and instructions unless otherwise indicated.

Used, Incomplete

Set is in excellent used condition but missing pieces and those pieces will be indicated.

Minifig Condition


New Removed from original packaging built and displayed in store.
New, Never Assembled Removed from original packaging and stored as parts.
Used Minifig in excellent used condition pull from used sets.