Power Miners Rock Wrecker 8963

Power Miners Rock Wrecker 8963

Power Miners

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With its multiple spinning saw-blades to cut through any obstacle in its way, the Rock Wrecker is almost unstoppable -- but it's never encountered the giant yellow rock-throwing monster! Can the Power Miners capture him with their working net launcher before he uses his lever-action arm to wreck the Rock Wrecker? Saws really spin when vehicle rolls! Includes 1 yellow rock-throwing monster and 1 scientist minifigure! Accessories include pickaxe, shovel and 3 yellow crystals! 8 blades spin when the Rock Wrecker moves and the huge back wheel helps steer it! Net shooter with net and dynamite launcher! Cockpit opens to reveal interior details and coffee maker! Yellow rock throwing monster measures 2.5' (6cm) tall. Rock Wrecker measures 7' (18cm) long by 4' (10cm) wide by 4' (10cm) tall.

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